The Cathedral

The Poraj coat-of-arms.

The Poraj coat-of-arms is in the form of a five-pointed rosette. The holder of the coat of arms, the Bishop of Cracow, Bodzanta (ca. 1290-1366), contributed to the intensification of work associated with the construction of the nave of the cathedral. Window A twelve-pointed window is similar to the rosettes typical of great French cathedrals. In its present form it is Neo-Gothic as it was thoroughly remodelled in the mid-19th century.. Stone ornaments within the rosette (tracery) also date from that century. Adornment of buildings and works of art with coats-of-arms of the donors became very popular in the late Middle Ages. These signs were intended to remind of the person of the donor and encourage people to pray for his soul. The act of foundation was a religious act and one of its most important goals was to ensure the donor’s salvation.

We are all well aware that to enter this Cathedral can not be without emotion. More I say, you can not enter it without the internal tremor, without fear because it contains in it - as in almost no Cathedral of the world - the enormous size, which speaks to us in all our history, our entire past.

cardinal Karol Wojtyla
8 March 1964